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Coming in January 2012


Coming in Summer 2012


The Gypsy Twist
by Frank Hickey


The Cybermuda Triangle
by Lynwood Shiva Sawyer & Frank Hickey

“An exciting, fast-paced cop novel. It screams to be made into a movie …” ~ Tony Lo Bianco

(Academy Award-winning French Connection)

“…In his new novel, Frank Hickey spins a tale so vivid, so suspenseful, you'll think you're on the case yourself.”              ~ Charles Messina

Writer, My Father, My Don

“Frank Hickey's incredible inside knowledge about law and disorder packs The Gypsy Twist with crackling dialog and atmospheric punch. Juicy characters in a white-knuckle plot.


Everybody watches everybody.

And you still don't think you're being watched yourself?

You're not in a shopping center or on a city street, where you know CCTV surveillance is inescapable.

You're riding the subway.  The sullen busi­nessman with the 5:00 shadow and battered briefcase across from you couldn't possibly be on an assignment with you as the target. 

Could he?


~Michael Eric Stein
Writer, Miami Vice, True Blue,
CBS television movie Higher Ground




“… Max looked carefully at the dead boy, reminding himself that most murder victims looked very young and surprised when their bodies were found, as if life had suddenly rushed up and taken them unawares …”

Misfit NYPD Officer Max Royster’s hunt for a sadistic serial killer takes a startling turn when the instant he realizes not all predators are born alike.


When his boss, the malevolent AUGUSTUS SPANOS, assigns young electronics expert, JONATHAN LOOK to locate and trail a beautiful woman, Susan LeClair, Jonathan violates the cardinal rule of surveillance.  He falls in love with his subject, a woman with a secret so dark that she cannot live with herself. Will Jonathan grant her redemption. .


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