Soirée des Flâneurs / Book Signing - NYC, Monday 23rd May 2016

You and your friends are cordially invited to an evening with four NWU writers:

Frank Hickey (Pigtown Books), Tim Sheard (Hardball Press), Peter Benjaminson (Mary Wells: The Tumultuous Life of Motown's First Superstar) and Valdivia Beauchamp (Stigma: Saga For A New World and My Mesopotamia: Notes: Of Gertrude Bell) will all be there for you to meet and sign copies of their most recent books.
Monday Night, 23rd May 2016
6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
National Writers Union
256 W. 38th Street (btw Seventh and Eighth Avenues, closer to Eighth)
Room 703
New York, New York 10018

Just tell the door attendant that you’re there for the NWU book signing.

All are welcome. No RSVP necessary.

Max Royster Author Frank Hickey Makes Another Appearance!
     Frank was raised in the tony Upper East Side in a show business family. He graduated from the same prep school that President Kennedy attended. After roving the world, learning languages and other cultures, he returned Stateside. He was a Harlem private eye, LAPD street cop and undercover detective against the Mafia, investigating murders from the Louisiana bayous to Manhattan penthouses.
     Vin's interview brings out the fascinating aspects of Frank’s life and how the author weaves his unique wealth of experience into the life of his hero, Max Royster. Ex-NYPD officer Max is a wisecracking, ballroom dancing lover of life, ever in conflict with beauties, bureaucrats, and bean-counters.
     Come spend some time with a charming host and Frank Hickey, the “Best Unknown Crime Writer in America."
      Watch the March 9, 2016 Interview.
      Watch the December 8, 2014 Interview, Episode 92 of Let's Talk Writing.

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Other Arms, Other Eyes

This literary mystery is an updated revision of An Uncertain Currency, the Memento Mori trade paperback published by Mystery Writers of America qualifier Avocet Press. Now available on Kindle and Kindle Select.

Cover illustration by Kieron Edwards. / Cover Design by Richard Amari.
Edited by Michael Simpson. Proofread by Susan Fullerton and Pamela Pifferi.
Title suggested by Rebecca Miller.

An aging Italian clairvoyant, Mario Castigliani, is stuck in a Georgia mill town in the dog days of August. A series of suicides takes place. Or are they murders?

Unfortunately, Mario’s genuine gifts, erratic after a lifetime of abuse, can’t provide a clear answer. More and more he is forced to rely on his powers of observation and understanding of the darker side of human nature as he is drawn deeper into the investigation.

At long last…

A new author, two new Pigtown trade paperbacks (with jackets illustrated by English artist Kieron Edwards), the entire Pigtown Books catalogue now available on Kindle! Plus an audiobook selection from Brownstone Kidnap Crackup, read by Paul Birchard (now appearing in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Death of a Salesman in London's West End).

From “Amerca’s Best Unknown
Crime Writer”
Frank Hickey


From Cult Film Director
Richard W. Haines

Federal agents jail me for murder. That's me, Max Royster. Aging. Fat. Broke. And innocent. How do I clear myself from inside my cell? Nobody believes me. A hate group tries to rape and kill me. But Mother Royster always said to keep smiling no matter what. So to chase away the jailhouse blues, I organize a hipster group and swing dances among the inmates. Maybe you yourself have fancied this luscious online babe. Even thought about bringing her to the U.S. for a fling. Maybe you should think again…
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From Pigtown's Newest Author, Geoffrey Storey
(Available on Amazon Kindle)

The story of a white African boy growing up in the innocence and the violence of Colonial Africa.

From childhood he had learnt the ways of Africa and of its history, yet he was also a product of his own time and place and of his own distinct English culture. He grew to understand that there are few absolutes among people and societies. Only the Bush is pure in its pitiless logic, in its stark contrast between life and death.

His experiences shape and change him as he grows by stages from boyhood through youth to young manhood, his rites of passage set against a background of love, hate, and pitiless civil war. 
The successors of Alexander the Great in Afghanistan lived out their lives geographically isolated from their parent culture. The tides of time were to later overwhelm and isolate them from the rest of the Hellenistic world, but they did not despair. They had lost none of the adventurous spirit that had led their ancestors to Bactria, for they knew, had always known, that beyond the Hindu Kush lay an even richer world. Lands perhaps greater than even Alexander had conquered. Under Demetrius they set out on an incredible Anabasis, an advance to the ends of the earth.

A sweeping Saga of Sixth Century Britain during the period of early English settlement, ranging from Anglo Saxon Lincoln to the wilds of Bernicia and Rheged, encompassing the fall of perhaps the last Romano British state, and the coming of the English Kings. A sweeping Saga of Sixth Century Britain during the period of early English settlement, ranging from Anglo Saxon Lincoln to the wilds of Bernicia and Rheged, encompassing the fall of perhaps the last Romano British state, and the coming of the English Kings.
Read the First Two Chapters
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All Pigtown Books jackets are designed by Richard Amari.


Frank Hickey, Lisa Sheremet, publisher
Brooklyn Book Festival
Sunday, September 21, 2014

I, Max Royster, fat, broke, divorced, thrown off the NYPD for mental illness. Now in Flatbush, Brooklyn, I find new love, new murder and new career. Can I keep my love? Crack the case? Can I inspire and change private security? And maybe regain my NYPD shield?

Read the synopsis and advance praise for Softening Flatbush here.

And you can also read the Prologue and First Chapter.

Or order it now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

All Pigtown and Avocet books are available from your local bookstore. They will be delighted to order copies for you. Or from Amazon-US, Amazon-UK and Barnes & Noble.  Richard W. Haines’ books are available on Amazon Kindle and will soon be available on Nook.

Frank Hickey’s covers are illustrated by Nad Wolinska.
The Pigtown logo and all jacket designs (except Avocet) are by Richard Amari.


"Frank Hickey is the
best unknown crime novelist in America.
Bar none."
~ Chris Gerolmo
(Mississippi Burning)

         xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Richard W. Haines brings to his fiction the same wit, vision and imagination that he brought to his cult films, adored by  millions.


Can I, Max Royster, fired from the NYPD for mental disease, now on crutches, train a ragtag group of performers, my Show­bizzers, to use their skills and bodies to stop a genius crime lord in the High Desert town of Basta, California?

Read an article from
the Desert Dispatch:: Local Author's New Release Drawing Postive Reviews

The Eve of Christmas Eve, Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side, Max Royster (now an ex-NYPD cop) wit- nesses a debutante’s kidnapping and be- comes the FBI’s prime suspect. Or is he actually their salvation?

 Movies can be a
 deadly business.
 Especially when you
 are screen­writer Nick
 Slade or girlfriend
 Clarice An­drews. And
 you don’t have the
 career-des­troying porn
 film that a politician
 (who starred in it as a
 college student) and
 his hired killers think
 you do.

To find one dumped corpse is a shock. To discover another a few days later, this time the dismembered body of a beautiful woman with whom you’d been briefly involved, makes you a suspect.

Read the Prologue
and First Chapter

Read the Prologue
and First Chapter

Read the Prologue
and a Sample Chapter

Watch thetrailer

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To catch a sex killer targeting Upper East Side beauties, NYPD Officer Max Royster goes undercover ... as an NYPD cop!

Read the Prologue
and First Chapter

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Misfit NYPD Officer Max Royster’s hunt for a sadistic serial killer takes a startling turn when he realizes that not all predators are born alike


Other Arms, 
Other Eyes
(the forthcoming Kindle version based on An Uncertain Currency)

Lynwood Shiva Sawyer is a writer with no hyphens.

“A provocative mélange of sharp murder mystery and vivid characters, with insights into everything from psychic pheno- mena to race relations..”

~ Jeff Maguire
(In the Line of Fire)

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